This legal notice (drafted on March 22, 2013), describes the rights and obligations of Arundo Research Company (identified as “Vendor”) and the musician/client/guest/member (identified as “Customer”).


  1. Vendor agrees to provide downloadable purchasable sheet music in PDF digital format.
  2. Vendor will provide delivery of all downloaded music via direct download. All files are to be provided in PDF format (*.PDF), complete with all parts.
  3. Vendor guarantees that Customer will receive full assistance in matters concerning download operations, both before and after payment has been made. Vendor declines to accept any responsibility, in any form, for any damages and losses incurred by Customer.
  4. Vendor is not responsible for any problems related to Customer’s Internet connection, web browser, computer configuration or other software used before, during or after a site browsing session or a file download operation.
  5. Vendor provides complete assistance to Customer with any questions related to the downloaded music.
  6.  Vendor is not responsible for Customer’s intended and/or actual usage of any downloaded music and whether such usage causes harm to any third party.
  7.  Vendor is not responsible for any malfunction and/or poor performance of its web site. In such cases, Vendor, upon notification from Customer or visitor, agrees to take the necessary steps to attempt to resolve the problem(s).
  8.  Vendor guarantees that if any Arundo Publications paid product or service fails to meet Customer’s expectations, Vendor will refund the full cost of the products or service. Vendor states that conforming to the new Visa/MasterCard regulations, the refund period is limited to 90 days after purchase. After that period the Customer can request a refund only through his bank.
  9. Vendor is not responsible for any problem(s) and/or complaints arising from payment processing, which is done via PayPal® gateway service.


  1. Customer shall not hold Vendor liable for any matter outside of its sphere of responsibility, or for any problem outside the scope of this web site.
  2. Customer agrees to read and abide by the regulations regarding copyrights and License Agreement, as outlined in this legal notice.
  3. Customer shall not hold Vendor legally responsible for any malfunction of this web site, for lack of satisfaction with a purchase, or any other matter resulting from a transaction made via this web site.
  4. Customer understands that any downloaded music will be made available for download only following payment made through PayPal® gateway (credit card processing) or other method agreed with Vendor.
  5. Customer is aware of Paragraph 4 as described earlier in”Vendor’s Rights & Obligations”, regarding problems resulting from Customer’s Internet connection, hardware and software used during browsing and downloading, etc.
  6. Customer agrees not to divulge, publish on a web, sell, or give to a third party any music downloaded, without Vendor’s prior consent.
  7. Customer is aware that a refund cannot be requested directly by the Vendor after 90 days from the date of the purchase of the product or service (see point No. 8 of the “VENDOR RIGHTS & OBLIGATIONS” above).
  8. Customer understands and accepts that, due to copyright issues, published works marked as “for U.S. customers only” are usable by U.S. customers only and not by customers from other countries. In the same manner any work marked as “not for U.S. customers” is not usable by U.S. customers, but by customers from other countries only. Please read all details in the Copyrights section below. The Vendor is absolutely not accountable for Customer negligence in this regard.
  9. Customer is aware that, in the event of litigation of any kind with Vendor, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover attorney fees and expenses from the other party.
  10. Customer unconditionally accepts the contents of this document, both before and after a music purchase, and understands and accepts that this license agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Oregon (USA), where ARUNDO RESEARCH COMPANY resides.


  1. Arundo Research Company distributes copyrighted music according to the current copyright law.
  2. In no case can Vendor make available for free download any music whose copyrights are currently exclusively held by others.
  3. Customer agrees not to violate any Vendor’s copyrights on all distributed PDF documents (music and text) and on these web pages. All duplication, reproduction, sale and advertising of the aforementioned documents is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Vendor.
  4. Customer is aware that Arundo Publications is a trademark of Arundo Research Company in the US and other countries.
  5. Customer agrees to respect the terms of the following “License Agreement”.


Carefully read all terms and conditions of this license agreement prior to downloading files from the Arundo Research Company website. The download of all or any portion of our music indicates your agreement to the following terms and conditions and the above Legal Notice.

Arundo Research Company grants you, the purchaser/customer/Member, a non-exclusive license to use the files in your download (the PDF sheet music) under the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.

You may:

1) Make one copy of the PDF sheet music file(s) solely for back-up purposes.

2) Print the PDF sheet music file(s) for your personal purposes. (performances, personal study, musical teaching, etc.)

You may not:

  1. Distribute copies of the PDF sheet music file(s) in whole or in part except as expressly provided for in this agreement (as stated above, it is always allowed to distribute parts for personal purposes such as to other instrument players in order to play in an ensemble or for music teaching).
  2. Make alterations or modifications to the PDF sheet music file(s) or any copy, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the PDF sheet music file(s), extract, copy and paste the content of the PDF sheet music file(s) in another or new document.
  3. Sub-license, lease, sell, rent or grant others any rights, or provide copies to others, except for how written at point No.1 above (this is applied also to musical content such as our revisions, arrangements, transcriptions, etc.).
  4. Make media translation of the PDF sheet music file(s).
  5. Make telecommunication data transmission of the PDF sheet music file(s).
  6. Utilize the musical content (of our copyright protected editions) for purposes other than above-mentioned (allowed are: personal/public performance, study, or teaching). Arundo Publications has “All Rights Reserved” on all the sheet music on this site.


This agreement may be terminated at any time by destroying the PDF sheet music file(s), together with all copies in any form. This agreement will terminate if you fail to comply with any term or condition in this agreement.


If you have further questions, or for more information, please contact us.

Arundo Research Company