Q: Is there one simple test that would tell me the most about my reed? 

A: Using the lightest possible staccato articulation and soft dynamic, play down the scale (chromatic or diatonic) from open F to low Bb. If a note does not speak equally to its neighbors, cuts out, or a portion of the register becomes sluggish, the reed will need further adjustment. Perform the same test with light tonguing from high F3 down to open F and from high F3 up to high E4. These tests can also be performed using repeated articulation on each note. Note: soft repeated articulation in the extreme low register and the extreme high register requires a very balanced reed tuning process.

Q: Is there a single test(s) or musical examples for the middle register?

A: Mozart Concerto for Bassoon, movement 2 for comfort from fatigue and the solos from Scheherazade for pitch and response for the upper middle register and crossing the break into the upper register with ease. Scheherazade is also a good test for the pitch flexibility of D3 in the key of B minor (a raised D).