About Arundo Research

For over 40 years Arundo Research Company (ARC) has been dedicated to helping bassoonists find the joy of playing the magnificent and versatile instrument sometimes referred to as the belching bedpost. We have years of experience with major U.S. symphony orchestra playing and professional reed making that has helped develop our knowledge of what it takes to succeed.

Our mission has always been to define and find solutions to the problems that hinder our success as musicians and to get the responses from our reeds and instrument that will make the bassoon sing. Check our FAQs for instant advice or contact us with your questions as we continue to expand our listings. Bassoon reeds can be tuned with predicable outcomes as we have shown in our publications.

ARC began as a reed making company* and branched out over the years to include publications for reed tuning, reed making, specialty reed tools with advice and consultation on all matters that affect bassoonists. Publications include Reed Test Procedure (1982), Secrets to a Better Bassoon Reed (1985), Advanced Reed Design and Testing Procedure (1986, 1991), and more. We also have unique expertise in professional resonance tuning and voicing of bassoons to remove the quirks and roadblocks associated with the instrument’s acoustics.

Arundo Reeds

Arundo Reeds and Cane is a separate company that continues to sell the original reeds of our design. However, we sell contrabassoon reeds directly to the public.

About Mark Eubanks

m_eubanksMark Eubanks has been described as “A total master of this underrated instrument” for his Oregon Symphony solos and “Portland’s eclectic bassoonist” for his work in jazz and rock (Oregonian). He is the leader and arranger for the Bassoon Brothers with several CDs available and over 20 musical publications for bassoon quartet. Mark is the creator of the Arundo reed products and related publications. The original reeds, tools and materials continue to be sold by Arundo Reeds and Cane. He continues his research and development of the bassoon and its reed with his company Arundo Research. He has a longstanding relationship with Alan Fox and the Fox bassoon company and is an authorized dealer of Fox bassoons. He has produced recordings for local musicians and produced Oregon Symphony radio broadcasts which where heard on NPR’s Performance today, KOPB and All Classical 89.9 FM.

Mark began his professional performing career as a teenager both as a rock musician and bassoonist with the Tacoma Symphony. While finishing his music degree at the University of Washington he joined the Seattle Symphony and Seattle Opera as 2nd bassoon and Assistant Principal where he performed for 10 years. He performed for 30 years as Principal Bassoon and as a frequent soloist with the Oregon Symphony. He is recognized worldwide for his expertise in the bassoon reed and the acoustics of bassoon tuning. Professor Mark Eubanks taught bassoon at University of Portland, and at Lewis and Clark College for 35 years. He was formerly the bassoon professor for Western Washington University and University of Puget Sound.

Mark has performed with Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Chamber Music Northwest, Sunriver Festival, and Grand Teton Festival. Mark is currently Principal Bassoon of the Walla Walla Symphony Orchestra.