Bassoon Reed Making Lessons

Reed making lessons are included with in-person bassoon lessons for students, plus cost of materials. Some free materials may be available. Non-student reed making lessons are $75.00 per hour plus materials. Group lessons at $150.00 for two hours plus materials. Please inquire. Reed Making lessons are available via FaceTime or Skype.

Private Bassoon Lessons

Private bassoon lessons are available in-person and via FaceTime or Skype.

½-Hour Single Lesson $40.00

Weekly lessons for a month or 4 lessons paid in advance (@$35.00 each) $140.00.

1 hour single lesson $65.00

Weekly lessons for a month or 4 lessons paid in advance (@60.00 each) $240.00

Weekly Lessons for a Month Paid in Advance

New student (trial lesson): First lesson full fee may be applied to monthly fee if the student wishes to continue study on a weekly basis paid in advance.

5th lesson in calendar month is free for all paid in advance weekly students, but only if lessons fall on the same day of each week throughout the month. Rescheduling due to cancellation by student would not apply.


24 hour notice requested to cancel lesson for illness. Missed lessons may be rescheduled. Rescheduled lesson may be an extension of following lessons if mutually agreeable but shall not go past 5:30 pm. Preparation for all lessons is expected. Cancellation for a student who is not prepared will not be accepted for rescheduling monthly lessons. Work can be done during lesson time that will be of value if student has not had time to prepare. Instructor cancellations will be rescheduled or a lesson fee refunded or credited for monthly lessons paid in advance.

All State, All Northwest and Audition Recording

Free as part of lesson time. Any additional work beyond lesson time in preparation of audition materials is billed @$65.00 per hour in quarter hour increments.