1. sanding-tools-smPurchase disposable plastic artists spatulas. (The first and third spatulas shown in photo are best.)
  2. Use AutoBody Master aluminum oxide (anti-clog) self-adhesive sandpaper*. Grits: 320 (fine), 220 (medium), and 150 (medium-coarse). It is commonly sold in sheets, discs, or rolls and available at auto part stores or outlets, but not commonly found in hardware stores.
    Note: If self-adhesive sandpaper is not available use double-stick Scotch tape on the spatula.
  3. Cut the sandpaper larger than the spatula, as shown in spatula #3.
  4. Attach the sandpaper to the spatula.
  5. Trim around the edge of spatula with scissors.
  6. Repeat with another grit on the other side of spatula.

Make these for your friends and students!  The are inexpensive and easy to make.


*This type of sandpaper is waterproof and may be used wet or dry.  We do not recommend black wetsanding paper because of the black grit residue.  Standard woodworking sandpaper is not waterproof and will fall apart.